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Most companies start with a

bright idea.

We started a bit differently.

We started with a

dark idea.

Utterly mental.

DeadHappy was born out of sheer frustration with existing life insurance products.

After being consistently rejected for life insurance because of a life-long mental health condition, Andy Knott (founder of DeadHappy) came to the conclusion that the inflexible and anonymous one-size fits all policies were no longer fit for purpose, or relevant to how lives were being lived today.

His choice was a simple one. Be one of many who are depressed without life insurance, or be the first of many to be depressed with life insurance.

He chose the latter. 

Happy ending

The dark idea turned out to be a bright idea, but just from a dark place.

Who doesn’t love a happy ending? Andy is now the proud owner of life insurance bought directly from DeadHappy in just a matter of minutes.

Not the end

We believe life insurance can be done better. A lot better. And there's lots to still do.

We’re at the beginning of what has been a very difficult journey. We’ve been beaten up. We’ve made mistakes. We’ve learned a lot. Life insurance’s approach to mental health is just one of many other issues that still need to be addressed. 

We have a plan for that. 

Join thousands making hundreds of thousands.


Happy customers


Deathwishes made

Being DeadHappy.

We're a bunch of misfits and mavericks trying their best to do good things.

Our mission

(that we chose to accept)

We're on a mission to change attitudes to death.

We believe that ...

Our values

Our values exist on the walls of where we work, but more importantly they also exist in who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

You're not a child.

We don’t feel the need to tell you what to do, where to do it, when to do it, and how to behave when you do. You’re a grown up. You should be able to work that stuff out by now.

If you don't, who the fuck will?

Dreams don’t become reality unless someone does something. Be that person. Tread on a few toes. Make stuff happen.

None of us know what we're doing.

We’re trying to do stuff that nobody’s done before. It’s OK to feel like an imposter. Make mistakes, announce them, learn from them… then try again.

Give a shit.

…about yourself, your job and the stuff that makes your heart sing. Bring your whole self to work.


Be genuine, be honest, be awesome.

People over business.

DeadHappy will be successful by solving people’s problems. That starts with you and your problems. You and your family come first.

It may not seem like it but we like to try and do good things wherever and whenever we can. It’s why we’re a BCorp.


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