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Life insurance


The bet you don't want to win.

We didn’t think life insurance was cutting the mustard so we decided to do something about it. 

Flexible payouts

Choose a payout amount that works for you.

True Pricing

Pricing as it should be. No averaging. No levelling.

Easy to apply

Just a few simple health and lifestyle questions to answer.

10+ Guarantee

An extendible one-way commitment from us to you.


Super-powers that give life insurance a little extra.

Always on

What do you want to happen when you die?

Always on

We're building a new type of life insurance.
One that lives. 

Our life insurance isn't just words on a piece of paper. It's technology that constantly learns, adapts, and evolves with the sole purpose of delivering better value and outcomes for everyone... all the time.



Choose your own payout amount 

Life has a tendency of changing and changing fast. It’s why we designed our payouts to be as flexible as possible.



Our prices directly track against the risk of death. This means you'll always be paying the right price at the right time.

Every year alive is one closer to death.

The closer to death, the greater the risk of death. The greater the risk of death, the higher the cost of life insurance. That’s life, and that’s why the cost of our life insurance increases over time.

Easy to


Before DeadHappy applying for life insurance could take hours, days, weeks, and sometimes months. Not any more.

We streamlined the whole application process. It’s not what you need to know, it’s the way in which you ask it. 

Easy to do no complicated forms to fill in literally took less than 5 mins




It's the world's first guarantee that keeps on guaranteeing.

Our guarantee is a one-way commitment from us to you. From your first payment we will guarantee that you’ll have life insurance for the next 10 years as a minimum (or for as long as you continue paying the agreed monthly amount).

Every year there’ll be the opportunity to check-in, make sure your payout amount is right, and if there’ve been no major changes  in your health, you can reset the guarantee back to it’s original 10 years.

Life insurance


Who doesn't love an add-on? Add-ons are designed to make your life insurance a little more personal and a lot more useful.

Our first available add-on is called CancerCover. Adding CancerCover to your life insurance could provide you with a payout of up to £150,000 if you’re unlucky enough to get diagnosed with cancer.

Got questions?

Can I put my plan in trust?

Yes you can but it will need some extra work.

How much payout do I need?

We can’t give financial advice so that’s something we can’t help with.

Will you accept my condition?

Depends on the condition. Here are our most commonly declared conditions, for anything else please get in touch.

I can’t find my condition in the list when I apply

If you can't find your specific condition try another name or get in touch

I don’t know what my condition is called

We’ll need to know what it is so do your best in tracking down the name.


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