Afterlife planning.


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When there's a will...

The basics
Want a will without the frills. This is the one for you.


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The sense
A will without the frills but sense-checked by an expert.


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The full monty
A bit like your full English... everything we've got all thrown in.


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Why a will?

If you die without a will, you'll have no control on how your money, property or possessions will be shared out.

It’s important to make a will whether or not you think you have many possessions or much money.


Unmarried partners and partners who haven’t registered a civil partnership can’t inherit from each other unless there’s a will. This could create serious financial problems for whoever’s left.

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If you have children, it’s very important to make a will so you can make sure everything is sorted for them.


There’s a good chance it might be possible to reduce the amount of tax payable on any inheritance (if advice is taken in advance and a will is made).

Got questions?

Why should I make a will?

Control and stability for those you leave behind.

Will the instructions in my will be carried out?

Yes… by law. That’s the point of a will.

How does the will work?

It’s a pretty simple form filling exercise and shouldn’t take longer that 15 minutes.


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