Afterlife planning.


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When I'm six feet under...

Sort the bins out.


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It's not just for the bins, it's about helping round the house;No more arguments

(Get personal with a goodbye message or maybe some specific instructions).

Why take the bins out?

Sometimes little things can turn into big arguments. Taking the bins out in a relationship is kind of like that. It's not really about the bins though; it's about what they represent. 

Sharing responsibilities

In a household, there are loads of chores to be done. Taking out the bins is just one of them. When couples argue about it, it’s often because they feel like the chores aren't being shared fairly.

Stress and tiredness

After a long day at work or school, small tasks can feel like huge ones. If both people are stressed or tired, something as simple as taking out the bins can become the last straw that leads to a bigger argument.


Every person has different ideas about how tidy a house should be, how often chores should be done, etc. If one person’s expectation is that the bins should be taken out every night and the other thinks once a week is fine, that can cause arguments.

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Quick & easy to setup the policy. What makes it even better is you choose the amount you want covered & how you'd lime the money to be used.


Very easy to get what you want from the website. Simple to navigate and no long drawn out processes.


Got questions?

How do I delete a deathwish?

Log in to your account, choose the deathwish you want to delete… and delete it.

What is a deathwish?

They are what you want to happen when you die.

What happens if my deathwish is not the right amount when I die?

Don’t stress. You’re beneficiaries will be able to work out the best way to deal with it.

How do I add a deathwish?

Just log in to your account / happy place and click on 'deathwishes' in the top right.

Got some time to kill?

Got some time to waste?

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What's a deathwish?

Not the desire for self-annihilation, just our way of helping you understand what you want to happen when you die.

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Afterlife planning

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