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Why turn your ashes into a diamond?

Choosing to have your ashes transformed into a diamond is a deeply personal decision that reflects a desire for a lasting, meaningful tribute. It provides a way to keep your memory close in a unique, enduring form, blending emotional significance with the timeless beauty of a diamond.

Magical transformation

When something ordinary turns into something extraordinary. After a person is cremated (which means their body is turned into ashes), these ashes can be transformed into a beautiful diamond. It's a bit like magic.

Treasured memories

Diamonds are often seen in treasure chests and adventure stories. So, imagine having a diamond made from someone's ashes that holds all the stories and adventures of that person. And every time they see it, they can remember your stories.


Turning your ashes into a diamond is a great way to help the planet. Instead of using more land for graveyards, we're using something that's already there (the ashes) and turning it into something new and beautiful.

Conscious is the new beautiful

Man-made diamond production is the ultimate solution for such important problems as environmental damage, natural resources’ crisis and the unlawful labour practices.
Not only will you be getting a unique heirloom, you'll be helping our planet become a safer and brighter place, and we couldn't be more proud of you.
Heart in Diamond specialise in creating genuine diamonds from carbon extracted from cremated ashes or hair and ashes of pets. Once you place your order with us, you receive not just a genuine high-quality diamond, but a family heirloom to be treasured and passed over to the next generations.
Each diamond is created in our their European-based production facility which is equipped with the advanced HPHT machines and works in accordance with their patented technology standards.
Their highly qualified engineers are specialised in producing diamonds which are 100% genuine in terms of their chemical, physical and optical properties.

We're rated excellent.

Quick & easy to setup the policy. What makes it even better is you choose the amount you want covered & how you'd lime the money to be used.


Very easy to get what you want from the website. Simple to navigate and no long drawn out processes.


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How do I delete a deathwish?

Log in to your account, choose the deathwish you want to delete… and delete it.

What is a deathwish?

They are what you want to happen when you die.

What happens if my deathwish is not the right amount when I die?

Don’t stress. You’re beneficiaries will be able to work out the best way to deal with it.

How do I add a deathwish?

Just log in to your account / happy place and click on 'deathwishes' in the top right.

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What's a deathwish?

Not the desire for self-annihilation, just our way of helping you understand what you want to happen when you die.

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Afterlife planning

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