Afterlife planning.


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Give someone a cash payout.


Decide who it's for...

(Or who you'd like to know about it).


Add some of your payout...

(Your total payout amount is whatever you choose, and can be any amount from £1,000 to £350,000).


Add a message...

Do not spend all of this on those spongey token crypto things;Save some, spend the rest but no gambling

(Get personal with a goodbye message or maybe some specific instructions).

Why leave someone some cash?

Leaving cash to someone can be helpful for several reasons.

Financial support

Providing cash can offer immediate financial support during a challenging time. They may use the funds to cover immediate expenses, such as funeral costs, medical bills, or outstanding debts.


Cash is a versatile asset that can be used for various purposes. Beneficiaries can use it as they see fit, whether it's for paying off debts, making investments, covering living expenses, or addressing unforeseen emergencies.

Avoiding probate delays

Cash can be distributed more quickly than things like property or investments. This can help your beneficiaries access funds sooner.

Equalising inheritance

If you have multiple beneficiaries and want to ensure an equal distribution, leaving cash can be an effective way to achieve this goal. You can specify the exact amount each beneficiary should receive, helping to prevent disputes or confusion.

Meeting specific needs

Cash allows your beneficiaries to address specific needs or goals they may have. For example, a beneficiary may use the cash to pay for education, start a business, or purchase a home.

Keeping other assets

By leaving cash, you can avoid the need to sell non-cash assets (e.g., property or investments) quickly, potentially at a loss, to meet immediate financial needs.

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Quick & easy to setup the policy. What makes it even better is you choose the amount you want covered & how you'd lime the money to be used.


Very easy to get what you want from the website. Simple to navigate and no long drawn out processes.


Got questions?

How do I delete a deathwish?

Log in to your account, choose the deathwish you want to delete… and delete it.

What is a deathwish?

They are what you want to happen when you die.

What happens if my deathwish is not the right amount when I die?

Don’t stress. You’re beneficiaries will be able to work out the best way to deal with it.

How do I add a deathwish?

Just log in to your account / happy place and click on 'deathwishes' in the top right.

Got some time to kill?

More deathwishes...

What's a deathwish?

Not the desire for self-annihilation, just our way of helping you understand what you want to happen when you die.

Deathwishes are brought to you by

Afterlife planning

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