Afterlife planning.


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Why could grief counselling be helpful?

Grief counselling is like having someone to talk to and guide you when you're dealing with a really tough loss. It can be super helpful, especially when you're feeling all sorts of emotions and maybe don't know how to handle them.

Understand feelings

Grief can make you feel like you're on a rollercoaster – one minute you're sad, the next you're angry, then you might feel okay, and suddenly you're back to feeling really down. A grief counsellor can help you understand that all these feelings are normal and part of the grieving process.

Safe space to talk

Sometimes it’s hard to talk to family or friends about how you’re feeling, either because you don’t want to upset them or you think they won’t understand. A counsellor gives you a safe, private space to express all your thoughts and feelings without any judgement.

Coping strategies

Grief can mess with your head, making it hard to focus on school or enjoy things you used to. A counsellor can teach you ways to cope with these feelings, like through writing, art, or certain activities, helping you get back on track.

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Quick & easy to setup the policy. What makes it even better is you choose the amount you want covered & how you'd lime the money to be used.


Very easy to get what you want from the website. Simple to navigate and no long drawn out processes.


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How do I delete a deathwish?

Log in to your account, choose the deathwish you want to delete… and delete it.

What is a deathwish?

They are what you want to happen when you die.

What happens if my deathwish is not the right amount when I die?

Don’t stress. You’re beneficiaries will be able to work out the best way to deal with it.

How do I add a deathwish?

Just log in to your account / happy place and click on 'deathwishes' in the top right.

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What's a deathwish?

Not the desire for self-annihilation, just our way of helping you understand what you want to happen when you die.

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Afterlife planning

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