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Pay off the mortgage.


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I love our house and I love knowing you'll be there;Don't take out another mortgage

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Why pay off the mortgage?

If the mortgage isn't paid off, the responsibility to pay it might fall on your family. That can be a really big burden, especially during a tough time like losing someone. By having the mortgage paid off, you're making sure they don't have to deal with that stress.

In the family

The house is more than just a building; it's full of memories and it's a place of comfort. If the mortgage isn't cleared, there's a risk the house might have to be sold to pay off the debt. Paying off the mortgage means the house stays with the family, keeping that safe space and all those memories intact.

Financial stability

Let's face it, having to pay a mortgage is a big financial responsibility. If your parents or whoever owns the house can ensure the mortgage is paid off in the event of their death, they're basically giving you a head start in life, financially speaking. It's one less massive expense to worry about.

Peace of mind

For a lot of people, knowing that their family will be secure and have a home no matter what happens to them is really important. It's about leaving a legacy and making sure their loved ones are taken care of. It's also a way of looking out for your family, even when you're not around anymore.

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Quick & easy to setup the policy. What makes it even better is you choose the amount you want covered & how you'd lime the money to be used.


Very easy to get what you want from the website. Simple to navigate and no long drawn out processes.


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How do I delete a deathwish?

Log in to your account, choose the deathwish you want to delete… and delete it.

What is a deathwish?

They are what you want to happen when you die.

What happens if my deathwish is not the right amount when I die?

Don’t stress. You’re beneficiaries will be able to work out the best way to deal with it.

How do I add a deathwish?

Just log in to your account / happy place and click on 'deathwishes' in the top right.

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What's a deathwish?

Not the desire for self-annihilation, just our way of helping you understand what you want to happen when you die.

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Afterlife planning

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